Lara and the Beat’, a 2018 movie released by Biola Alabi Media (BAM), will be adapted into a book and television series.

This was confirmed by Biola Alabi, CEO of BAM.

“About the two female characters, Lara and Dara; we are creating another world around them so we are not just leaving them in the film; we are taking them out of the film, we are creating a television series around them.

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"We are also creating a book series around them so it was important to use Lara and Dara world because we want to show their adventures, we want to show them empowering young girls, answering questions that a lot of times, parents aren’t able to answer", Alabi said.

Alabi, who was recently ranked among Financial Times’ top 100 global female executives, said Seyi Shay and Somkele Iyamah-Idhalahma, who played major roles in the movie, will not feature in the TV series.

“You will see a younger version of them in books and TV series, even in educational formats so you might be using them for health campaigns. We’ve just written a book where Lara and Dara are in boarding school,” she added.

Are you ready for a Lara And The Beat TV series and book series?

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