Landlords are a set of people who tenants do not want to dare.

But it seems the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ebonyi state has overstepped its boundary against it's landlord.

Hon. Otufo Ogbonnaya served the PDP in Ishielu Local Government Area notice to quit from his property where the party rented as their office at Ntezi Market, for refusing to pay their rent since 2017 till date.

In the quit notice obtained from Magistrate Court of Ebonyi State at Ntezi on 12/06/2018, it explained that PDP is a yearly tenant, but did not pay for 2017/2018, and therefore gave them till 31st day of December, 2018 to vacate the property or he will take further action.

Hon. Otufo said he had written several letters to the party Chairman, Ikechukwu Nweke, demanding for the payment, but Nweke told him they cannot pay and the landlord can go to Supreme Court, a response that angered him, hence the quit notice.

According to him, the last payment for 2015/2016 was made on 8/6/2017 by the Chairman.

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The one paragraph notice read: 'I, Hon. Otufo Ogbonnaya, your landlord/owner doing business with the name and style of Bishop Otufo Ventures, do hereby give you Notice to Quit and deliver up possession of the premises consisting of one (1) bungalow building/premises commercial accommodation with appurtenances, situate at Ntezi Central Motor Park, Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, which you hold of me as a yearly tenant thereof on the 31st day of December,2018.'

Otufo challenged the PDP Chairman to pay him his rent, pointing out that the party was the greatest party in Africa and as such, known for respecting the core values of democracy, uprightness, good character and integrity.

When contacted on phone, the Ishielu Local Government Area People's Democratic Party Chair, Mr. Ikechukwu Nweke, said that the party was working to pay the landlord his rent.

He denied ever refusing to pay or asking the landlord to go to Supreme Court.

He said the landlord, Otufo said he wants to rent the office to APC, which he told him to hold on and allow the PDP clear their outstanding rent first, then they can look for another place and rent for their local government.

“Do not mind him. It is just one year rent which we are about to pay. That is the only thing. It is not true that we refused to pay. How can you stay in somebody's house and you will not pay rent? It is not true.

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