The street, very close to Abule Egba Bridge looks like a road in ruins.

It has become a death trap for Okada riders, but there are signs that better days may be ahead.

Everyone seems to be edgy - watching and waiting.

Pedestrians even avoid the street if they have no business there to stay away from the dust that the harmattan has made even worse.

Cry and shouts had greeted the demolition of shops that started two weeks ago at Santos Avenue near Abule Egbe area of Lagos State.


The government has said it will pay compensation to those that deserve it, but insisted that it took the decision because the buildings and shops were within the limited setback area.

Santos avenue demolition near Abule Egba

The needed expansion and reconstruction of the road is the major reason for the decision, the state government said.

After the rain comes the sun and activities at the Avenue are showing signs that the government's initiative may be in the best interest of the protesting people.

The road has been badly damaged by the diversion of traffic to it when the Abule Egba Bridge was under construction and now the government wants to make a significant difference.


santos street in abule egba

Excavators have dug drainage system and the concrete work has started.

The drainage work is on and everything seems to be happening fast, but the construction has further moved traffic away from Santos Avenue to to Adepegba Street.

Adepegba Street, which was already bad, has been damaged further due to over use and the situation shows the Lagos State government also has some work to do there.

When completed, these roads will ease traffic on the major Abeokuta Expressway, as they serve as alternative routes to Agege, Fagba and some other areas within that axis.

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Residents whose fences and shops were pulled down have faced reality and have started rebuilding within the limits provided by law.