2:00pm - It's time up on our live coverage of the polls. We can tell you that more people are still voting provided they were on the queues before 2pm. You can continue to get updates on the exercise on our social media pages. It's a wrap. Thanks for staying with Bounce News Nigeria.

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1:19pm - Voters are still coming out in trickles to participate in the exercise. It seems awareness for the exercise was poorly conducted or perhaps Lagosians do not understand the important role of local council executives.

1:02pm - Youths in Mosan Okunola complaining over the exclusion of their names from the voters register. They say "the future of the youths has been sold to the highest bidders".

12:38pm - A quick review of the day's activities. See what some people said, what others did and observes opinion of the voting process.


12:13pm - It's midday now and more people have been hindered by the rains in Lekki area of the state and the streets are quite deserted. Hopefully people will get to vote before 'game over' at 2pm.

12:02pm - People have refused to come out from their homes to participate and LAISEC officials at Kehinde Taiwo polling unit in Egbeda are quite disappointed.

11:39am - It seems the poor voters turn out is taking its toll on some officials. This policeman appears to have waited for the voters but no one seems to be coming out in this ward in Irawo. So, its nap time.

11:21am - He is out and ready to cast his lot. It's the Jagaban himself. Former Governor of Lagos State and National Leader of the APC, Bola Tinubu. In Alausa Ward 047.

10:58am - See who's also out on duty - the Red Cross!!! Just in case anyone feels a little under the weather, they are here to fix that.

10:34am - Voting material finally arrive in Irawo area along Ketu-Mile 12 area off Ikorodu road. Voters appear to have been waiting anxiously.

10:16am - Voting has also commenced in Ojokoro LCDA. This is a sample of the ballot paper being used in Saturday's local council polls across Lagos. Just in case you are given something that looks very different from this, contact the LAISEC officials.

9:58am - Voting commences at Ago Palace Way, Oshodi-Isolo Local Government Area. Turn out of voters appears to be quite disappointing.

9:52am - People waiting to vote in Shasha area of Lagos state.

9:46am - Ojokoro LCDA polling Boot 31. Once you vote, your finger is marked with this purple ink. Multiple voting is an offence punishable by law.

9.44am - It seems these young men consider this the best time to test their football skills from Shasha community to Irawo area along Ikorodu road, its make shift football pitches on the main roads.

9:30am - Residents of Egbeda area are also adhering to the state's restriction orders.

9:20am - LAISEC officials are arriving with voting materials at Alade area; they are setting up and preparing for the exercise

9:10am - More people are turning out for the polls in Alausa - this is where the National Leader of the APC,Bola Tinubu is expected to vote.

9:05am - Registered voters began accreditation process - it seems more women are interested in participating in the polls

9am - Residents are adhering to the movement restriction order of the Lagos state government with some people heading to polling units