Nigeria's commercial capital will be on lock down today shut down as registered voters file out to decide who leads the local council areas

Residents will decide who emerges as Chairman and Councillor across the 20 local councils and 37 council development areas.

A few reminders before you head to the polls:

Get there early – You should hit the polling units as early as possible to avoid over-crowding and long queues.

Voter car -  You should go to the polling unit with your card. There will be no machines on Saturday.

Ballot Papers - There are two different ballot papers for the elections. One for chairmanship and the other for the councillorship. Read your ballot papers and make sure you know who you want to vote for. Thump print inside the box next to your party.

Assistance - If you need help with voting, inform the electoral officials at your polling unit.

Play nice – Voters should be tolerant of one another‚ regardless of political affiliations.

There's no campaigning and no campaign signs allowed within the precincts of a polling unit.

Wearing caps, shirts, or buttons with a slogan promoting a political party or a candidate isn’t allowed.

Multiple voting and other forms of voter fraud are crimes punishable under the law.

No weapons – It is illegal to carry any item while claiming self-defence to voting units. 

Remember: Polls open from 8 a.m. and close at 2 p.m.