The authorities of the Lagos State Police Command have suspended the ongoing operation velvet for a period of one month with effect from Tuesday October 30.

This, they say, is to enable motor vehicle and motorcycle owners time to regularise their documents.

The operation, aimed at enforcing all relevant traffic laws to restore orderliness on the roads and highways, was put on hold for a month period based on the appeal of the governor and members of the state house of assembly.

So, Lagosians can now rush to ensure documents like road worthiness, vehicle license, drivers license and others are up to date before the exercise.

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“The Command wishes to warn all road users that the grace period should not be interpreted as a period of lawlessness on the city roads.

“It is a time allowed to get the vehicle documents and necessary permits together.

“It warns that the Command will continue your enforce laws against driving on BRT lanes, parking at unauthorised places thereby causing gridlock and driving against traffic (one way),” the Lagos police PRO said in a statement.

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