In case you are still in doubt whether the election held in Lagos State, what is happening at the secretariat of the All Progressives Congress (APC) will clear your doubt, but it will also leave your more confused. 

The results of the election will soon be announced as things stand. 

The collation of results is still ongoing at the secretariat of the APC in Acme Road, Ikeja, after the National Working Committee (NWC)  had declared the election illegal. 

It is an election contested by Mr Babajide Sanwoolu and the incumbent, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode. 

Sanwoolu is the anointed one. 

If Sanwoolu wins, Governor Ambode will be the first Lagos Governor to lose a bid for a second term in office since 1999.

Lagosapcprimary election results coming soon
Officials of the All Progressives Congress in Lagos set to declare the result

A deluge of controversy arose prior to the now controversial primary election, with the incumbent losing ground in the state faster than anyone had imagined.

Pleas had gone out to the National leader of the party, Senator Bola Tinubu, but the man had insisted the issue on ground was beyond him.

It is a party affair, he says. 

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After several postponements, the election held on Tuesday, October 2, but the NWC is insisting that no election was held. 

Despite reasons given by the NWC, including the use of illegal materials for the election, the Lagos Chapter of the APC says it was a credible election.

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Lagos residents will soon receive the result of the election which already appeared so one-sided, but it is not clear what the NWC will do after that announcement. 

This battle for Lagos appears to be tearing the party apart at the moment. 

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