The Lagos State Football Association (LSFA) is set to launch Ekofootball Super League in the state.

The Lagos Super League will be an independent commercial league privately owned by the participating clubs through equity participation.

It is being organized to be a hybrid of the Major League Soccer and the Barclays Premier League to serve as a professional career destination for graduates of the Lagos Youth League.

Speaking at the Ekofootball Review held on Wednesday in Onikan, the LSFA chairman Seyi Akinwunmi said “it will be a commercial league in Lagos where we will have trained coaches, commercial entities and profit based league.

“We don’t want money from government. What we need is the commercial world to understand that football is a profitable business and we will prove it in Lagos.

“We hope that in August, we will have a corporate dinner where we will introduce it properly to everyone.

“We already have people who are queuing to take up clubs, we will incorporate all the clubs and we will have bidding for each of these clubs, it will be community based, and I'm sure it will be successful.

Lagos state organizes over 70 sports events annually in the state.