There was mild drama on Wednesday at the Ikeja Phase II market area of Lagos state, as officials of the Ministry of Environment paid a surprise visit.

The January visitors came with big padlocks and intimidating armed members of the Nigerian Civil Defence Corps.

The ministry officials did not explain why they were locking the shops neither did they give any reason to have come with armed personnel to carry out their ‘official’ duty.

The government officials came with the usual over flogged reason which is often used by government officials in Nigeria while carrying out so-called directives - ‘We are acting on Orders From Above’, they claimed.

Bounce News wondered who was sitting above in the sky and why they could not mention the top officer's name or designation.

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The shop owners say the officials are looking for an avenue to extort them as they didn't violate any rule.

The looks on their faces tell the story as they were all confused and surprised at the closure without any prior information.

The team lead of the government officials asked the affected shop owners to come to Alausa - to sign an undertaking before their shops will be reopened.

Closure of shops has now become a recurring event in the state as several shops were also put under lock and key in 2017. Most recent is the lock down at Pen Cinema, Agege.


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