The Sallah has been fun and full of merriment for Muslims and non-Muslims who shared from the celebration in one way or the other.

Some who did not eat the delicious meals prepared at different homes, shared from the aroma in the air almost at every 100 metre distance.

It was obvious there was a celebration.

Sad and yet sweet is the fact that this holiday will end on Wednesday, August 22nd and work will resume as usual.

For Lagos residents there are two things that they must not do on Thursday if they want their day to be awesome and not stressful. 

1.       Don't Wake Up Like You Did On Tuesday And Wednesday.

Now, this is for those who usually go to work very early.

Thursday will be like a usual Monday in Lagos with the traffic, but it will be worse except you wake up earlier than you do on a usual Monday morning.

Get up early and catch a bus to work or make the drive down.

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If you want to get to the office early and avoid being stressed out in traffic, leave your home very early.  

2.      Pass Third Mainland Bridge Axis

It is a usual thing to wake up early and drive towards the Third Mainland bridge if your office is in that axis, but it is something that you must not do whether you drive your own car, your drive another person or board a bus.

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You will end up getting trapped in endless traffic and this is because the bridge will be closed for “investigative maintenance test”.

You know a bridge recently fell in Italy leaving over 30 persons dead, this development has highlighted the need for maintenance of bridges around the world to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

Use other routes to the Island if you work in that area.

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