Imagine your regular danfo buses with CCTV cameras installed in them? Won’t that be a strange experience?

Well, that may be the solution to highway crimes in Lagos, according to the Lagos state police commissioner.

Before you shout lailai! Kole werk, think about some cases recently reported and imagine there was a camera watching.

Recently, the internet went agog over a video circulating showing a Police inspector in an argument with a lady inside a bus.

It was reported that the police officer slapped the woman and the Lagos CP immediately ordered his arrest for proper investigation.

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But really, could this have happened if he knew that the camera was capturing every event?

How about the allegations that taxi drivers now aid the robbery of their passengers?

Have you thought of the recent arrest of robbers who specialise in ordering online taxi services for the purpose of killing and snatching those cars?

The Commissioner of Police agreed recently that installing cameras in the public vehicles could be an effective way to achieve safe commuting in the state.

This he said in response to concerns about the safety of residents who use taxi services like Uber and Taxify, as well as other services.

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He, however, has some concerns: “The only way Lagosians will obey this is if there is legislation.

“I have written to the governor asking him to sponsor a bill in the state House of Assembly to mandate business owners of a particular category to have CCTV cameras for their businesses.

“Maybe I will update that by including the buses, taxis of whatever description,” he said.

If this law becomes reality, the state would have only matched up with the standard in many developed countries.