The police command in Lagos is determined to curb crime.

It has shifted its attention to operators of night clubs, beaches, hotels, bars and lounges, where there has been a spike in crime rates.

The Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal, wants them to henceforth put internal security measures in place to discourage drug abuse, drug peddling and other criminal activities.

This, he said, is in the overall best interest of their businesses and security of the state.

Edgal held a meeting with top players in the hospitality industry at the Command Headquarters in Ikeja, during the weekend.

He revealed that intelligence report indicated that there was increase in drug abuse among youths and minors, and that such was dangerous to efforts of the State Government to promote the budding night economy.

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“One of such areas is the issue of drug peddling, drug use and abuse. Intelligence report at my disposal reveals that there is increased drug peddling, drug abuse in most of our nightclubs, lounges, and beaches and so on across the State.

“Young men and women freely use narcotic substances at times in the seating areas, at times more hidden in the toilet areas of our clubs, lounges, hotels to the knowledge of the operators but they are doing nothing about it. This is wrong.

“The scourge of drugs and its attendant effect not only health-wise on the young population but also that sheer fact that there is a very clear correlation between drug and crime is something that should make every responsible Lagosian worried.

“The ease with which our youths are getting access to drugs at clubs, lounges, beaches and so on is worrisome and our meeting here today is to send a very strong signal to operators that it is not going to be business as usual.”

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He also asked managers to stop giving rooms to minors and while selling alcoholic drinks to them.

"In addition, we also have the issue of criminals hibernating and having save haven in all our beaches, hotels, clubs, lounges these days.

"The last intelligence report I received indicates that young men now move around these establishments armed. This is very dangerous for the security of the State.

"We have it on good authority that some of these establishments are used as meeting points to plan crimes before they execute,” Edgal said.

Edgal said it is compulsory for operators to install basic security gadgets such as CCTV cameras and metal box detectors.