There is more to Lagos State Commissioner of Police, than talking tough against crime and going tough on criminals.

He also knows that those who bear the majority of the brunt of crime are the elite who have everything to lose.

CP Edgal Imohimi is an ardent golf player and a member of the Ikeja Golf Club.

Imohimi is, however, not trying to be a Tiger lost in the Woods.

Rather, he is using the sport creatively to achieve his task of fighting crime in Lagos state.

He was warmly received by the club captain, Niyi Latinwo and members of the club on Sunday, when he went to present his policing plan to them.

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While he sought their support, they thanked him for ‘flying their Flag’ high and upholding the principles of hard work and discipline.

The question now is how can golf and golfers help Mr Imohimi fight crime in Lagos?

His strategy is straightforward and simply reiterates the police’ constant clamour for community policing through residents’ cooperation.

He wants members of the club to report to him directly when they see anything fishy.

The Commissioner of Police must have thought that his own associates should lead others to prove that he truly wants the police to be more accessible to Lagosians.


"I can never be too busy for my people as I know that security is key. What I am bringing into Lagos is not something entirely new but the strategy is new. For it to work we need the trust and confidence of the people and we need to be professional to gain that.

"The trust I built so far earned me several intelligence information which had led to various crack down on criminal hideouts.

“So, it is the cooperation that I have come to ask you for and if you see anything, please say something.

"What I am bringing to Lagos is community policing because we must involve you in how you are being policed.

“Henceforth, the police will not sit and expect the people to bring their problems. We will now reach out to the people to identify their security challenges.

"My town hall meetings had exposed me to the fact that various communities had different challenges ranging from cultism to raping which we are tackling." he said.

The Club Captain, Latinwo appreciated the police boss for his effort so far and further encouraged him to take policing more closely to the people.

"It is an honor for us to host the CP as we all have several issues to relate with the police on. Fortunately, he has given us his phone number but tonight he would give us his personal assistant's phone number too where we can also reach him on.

"However, we would not ask him to do what is detrimental to the state or the people as we are responsible people here." he said.

CP Imohimi made many promises and one is restructuring vigilante groups in the state in a way that they can work with the police to tackle domestic crimes.