There is only one PDP and that's the one led by Makarfi - That's according to Nigeria's apex court - The Supreme Court.

There are still cases of bickering in some state chapters of the party for example in Lagos - Former Chairman of the state chapter, Segun Adewale wants to be treated fairly.

He pleaded that the Board of Trustees (BoT) should be impartial in carrying out the assignment entrusted to them by the National Caretaker Committee (NCC).

The PDP has two members of the party from Lagos as BoT members. They are Bode George and Aduke Maina.

Adewale , popularly called Aeroland, called on party’s BoT Chairman to counsel members of the BoT in Lagos to stay within the limits of their mandate as stipulated in a letter by the NCC.

According to him, “the directive was to handover the State Party Secretariat Building to the Commissioner Police. This we have fully complied with. Reports that we handed our mandate to Hon Moshood Salvador and his team is misleading and untrue.

“We are aware that Bode George is going around claiming he has the authority of the NCC to hand over the party leadership to his stooge. This is not true as the party’s faithfuls will vehemently resist any attempt to subvert the interest of our people”.

Adewale, who insists that he remains the Chairman of the Lagos Chapter of the PDP, warned that an attempt by any member of the BoT to favour a group over and above the others will be opposed.

“Our members will resist any attempt by certain member of the BOT to return the PDP in Lagos to its dark days of imposition.

“Despite being fully aware that Bode George a member of the BOT is a principal actor in the crisis, we abided by the NCC decision for peace.

“We strongly believe in the unity of the party and that the PDP is bigger than any single individual."