Lagos is a very unique city.

It's in the abundance of people and their boundless energy. It's in how everyone is always in a hurry to get somewhere, it's in how the city never really sleeps, even in the dead of the night.

Home to over 21 million people, it's not for nothing Lagos is called the commercial centre of Nigeria. The people are industrious, brash and do not suffer fools gladly.

It is these unique attributes that bind Lagosians together and also what lends the city it's own special charm. Let's share some of these uniquely-Lagos experiences every resident and even visitor is bound to have experienced in their time here.

1. Woken at 4am for a 9am appointment

Only in Lagos will a person set out for a 45-minute journey 3 hours ahead because the fear of Lagos traffic is the beginning of wisdom. The average Lagosian is weary of traffic and constantly looking for ways to beat it, hence the need to set out for any appointment way ahead of time.

2. Bought something random in traffic

Because even houses can be sold in Lagos traffic. Everything from snacks to earphones and puppies have been spotted in Lagos traffic, and we all have that random purchase that's been made, whether it's a phone case or a standing mirror.

3. Had your phone or wallet moved

It can pain.

One minute your phone/wallet was right there. In fact in some cases, people who've been mugged say they were listening to music when their phones just disappeared. Such is the power of Lagos petty thieves - they move quickly, just like the rest of the citizens.

4. Sat in traffic or been diverted because someone is getting married...or turning their dead family member in the grave

Yes, there is such a thing as turning a dead person in the grave...welcome to Lagos. Certain roads became a menace to pass on weekends because of weddings or religious services.  All one can do in such cases is sit there and try not to swear for the entire generation of the celebrants.

5. Gotten into a shouting match with a danfo driver/conductor

Are you even a Lagosian if you've never experienced the nuisance that are Lagos commercial drivers and their conductors? Whether you own a car or jump bus, you're bound to have encountered one or both of these special breed of Lagosians. Either the overzealous driver whose nearly bashed a car you're riding in or driving, or a conductor from hell whose 'married' you with another passenger on a Monday morning because change no dey.