By July 25 it will be exactly 2 months of the disappearance of 6 boys from Model College, Igbonla in Epe area of Lagos State.

The boys were taken from their school premises by kidnappers who are demanding ransom. They had warned the school that they would come to carry out the act.

Parents and guardians have been in pains and despite assurances from security operatives of their safe return, the boys are still in captive.

Another assurance came from Acting President Yemi Osinbajo on Sunday.

He told parents and guardians of the kidnapped Lagos school boys of the safe return of the children.

In a chat with reporters on the sideline of the 60th birthday thanksgiving service of Pastor Salami Ololade in Lagos, Professor Osinbajo said the Federal Government was collaborating with the Lagos State’s authorities to ensure their safe return.

On May 25, six boys of the same secondary school in Lagos were abducted.

It seems that the school is becoming a major target of kidnappers.

Earlier in October 2016, 6 staff members and 4 students were kidnapped in the same school.

The acting president acknowledged that the parents must be going through trauma over the abduction of the children, but said “there should be no doubt at all about the commitment of government in the matter’’.

“I don’t know how many times the governor has spoken to me about this and the Inspector-General of Police, the Commissioner of Police, the DSS and even the Armed Forces.

“I am sure these children will return as quickly as possible. So, we look forward to their return,’’ he said.

Osinbajo advised children currently on holidays to learn something new outside academics, saying “because it is a long holiday, it is a great time to do something new.

“Those who like to learn a skill, whatever skill that may be, should learn it. I wished that when I was growing up I learned even carpentry’’.

He said that the children could learn something new that would impact on their lives and their communities in new fields of technology.