Governor Akinwunmi Ambode knows he is the golden boy of APC right now and he still wants to achieve more.

Why not? After all, the masses, Lagosians and Nigerians will emerge as ultimate winners.

We already know his desire for a standard public transportation system in Lagos. So much has been said about this as a prerequisite for major cities to achieve full economic potential.

This and other issues like power generation and urban waste management led discussions at the Lagos-Kano Economic Investment Summit which held in Epe.

Experts in the transport industry, including the Managing Director of Planet Projects Limited, Abiodun Otunola gathered to discuss the topic, Development of Multi-modal Transport System – The Challenge for Mega Cities.

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With Governor Ambode in the audience, the panelists took turns to reel out data, each providing recommendations for both Kano and Lagos state governments.

However, like the proverbial Oliver Twist, in spite of the beautiful fact-based analyses, fantastic projections and recommendations, Oga Ambo said he wants more.

“What about the other modes of transportation that create the southern-northern pool?” he retorted.

“You guys said something (true) that Abuja, 30 years after (creation) still lacks a major incentive for people to want to live, work and play in Abuja.

“So, can’t we make Kano the concentric hub to drive that economy that we want? What’s stopping us?

“Let’s dream (big) that in three to five years there’s an airline that runs between Lagos and Kano in partnership.

“It doesn’t have to happen now, but we should use the opportunity of this kind of summit to start thinking... ‘why can’t I create a hub’.

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“I want to do an Epe Airport here and I want to invite Emirates to come and take advantage of the cargo business that is in Lekki Free Trade Zone.

“So, what’s stopping me from doing a cargo terminal that is a subsidiary of that Epe Airport in Kano to drive commerce of the next five years?”

Easier said than done, right? But with the evolution of Lagos since democracy returned in 1999, impossible is nothing. Take a trip to Oshodi or Berger.

As if he heard the doubting Thomases in the audience, he added these words.

“Forget about our challenges, we must drop something that drives us. Even after we live office, somebody is able to take the document and say, ‘let’s do this’.”