The Carter bridge is that bridge which connects Idumota through Iddo link road. A portion of the outer walls of the bridge is dented and it really looks so bad one would think the bridge wants to cave in.

But the Lagos government has reacted swiftly to assure Lagosians there is no need to panic as the bridge is still structurally sound despite the defective portion.

The Director Highways, Bridges and Designs in the Federal Ministry of Works, Mr Adetokunbo Sogbesan, told journalists in Lagos that the Carter Bridge remains structurally sound and safe for use.

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Sogbesan told journalists during an inspection of the bridge that some tests had been conducted and that the bridge is structurally okay and safe for use.

He said vehicles carrying excess load beyond the headwall of the bridge had knocked off outer slabs meant to beautify the bridge.

He explained that the beams of the bridge had hollows which were covered by slabs but that vehicles carrying loads beyond their headroom pulled off some outer covering of the bridge.

“We are here to allay the fears of Lagosians about the Carter Bridge. This bridge was commissioned in July 1958, that is, over 60 years ago.

“And it was constructed by Borini Prono Nigeria Ltd. The method of construction used is that the beams have hollows.

“The hollows are spaces. The stability of the bridge both longitudinal and diagonal beams are structurally okay but for aesthetics measures the beams were covered with reinforced walls.

“It is the walls that are broken. We have been here before to examine and inspect the bridge and we are here to confirm that structurally, the bridge is okay,” Sogbesan added.

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