It appears Lagos is the only state working in Nigeria.

But that would also change for worse unless something is done urgently.

This the argument of former presidential aspirant and former governor Cross River State, Donald Duke.

According to Duke, should the poor economic viability status of most states in the country persist, then the Lagos economy may become unable  to support the uneven population growth.

Duke, who was governor of Cross River State between 1999 and 2007, blamed the development on most governors, who he said have failed in making their states economically viable.

He spoke in Lagos during a week-long activity to launch the sub-national index report by the National Competitiveness Council of Nigeria.

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According to him, since most of the governors have failed to economically empower the people, “most of them have found solace in Lagos State and are migrating every day and as a result, the infrastructure in Lagos is declining and the economy of the state is cashing in on this.”

He added, “We have a country where a blessing (exponential population growth) is turning into a curse, because in the next three years, our population will be 200 million, yet all the productive indices are going down.

“Lagos may be crowded out because every year, 750,000 new people come to Lagos to reside and the economy cannot support that. So, if you don’t get the rest of the country working, Lagos itself will collapse.”

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