On the average, there is at least one parade of several crime suspects at the Lagos state police command headquarters in Ikeja every other week.

Almost every day in recent months, there is news of the police in Lagos busting some kidnappers den, truncating robberies, arresting cultists, apprehending child abusers and recovering stolen items, arms and ammunition.

For some, it reflects a command that likes publicity, but for the Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal, it is their way of encouraging Lagosians that their partnership is indeed working.

Before residents begin to build the perception that based on the many successes, policing Lagos is easy, Mr Edgal has explained the realities of their job.

Particularly because it is the election season and we sought to know his plan, the CP noted that “the entire country is in Lagos” while the policemen on ground have simply had to cope.

“People are trooping into Lagos for one shopping or the other. Political activities are heating up; people are coming either to make posters, print posters or to buy political materials for campaigns here and there.

“In this police command, my strength of 28,000 men, 19,000 of which are general duty policemen are being stretched to the limit,” he said.

But how have they fared in this circumstance?

Mr Edgal said: “In spite of all that, we have still delivered on our mandate to Lagosians. Who owns these accolades? It is the people because they have been coming forward with information.

“We have won back their trust and confidence, so they have been coming back to us with information and we don’t gloss over this information, we act on them and we are achieving result.”

These are quite confident statements, but it also came with an appeal for more support towards the 2019 election.

“These are tough times because it is electioneering time. So, all hands must be on deck,” Edgal added.

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