The governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Babajide Sanwo-Olu, and his running mate, Femi Hamzat, have met with social media influencers.

The agenda was to discuss plans for an all-inclusive government that will be centered around the use of technological innovations.

Venue of the event was Sanwo-Olu's campaign office on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi.

The building, a cream coloured, two-storey apartment, was draped in a full length Sanwo-Olu campaign banner.

Meeting Sanwo-Olu was a delight. Throughout the 2 hours event, he was laughing, chuckling and making eye contact with everyone.

When it was time for him to talk, he touched almost everything that may have caused anxiety on the minds of Lagosians.

The Man Sanwo-Olu

Sanwo-Olu, gave a thorough review of his achievements both in the private and public sectors having held various top level positions in the banking industry.

His journey into politics started in 2002 when he quit his position as General Manager in a foremost bank.

Sanwo -Olu said when he had the opportunity to come into government in 2002 it wasn’t fashionable.

But he had said to himself he wanted to stop complaining about governance but rather play his part in contributing to sustainable development.

And over the years he has learned the ropes from people who has been there longer while contributing his consistent quota to public service.

“Becoming Commissioner for Planning and Budget, becoming Commissioner For commerce and Industry, setting up the Lekki Free Trade Zone and finally becoming the Commissioner for Establishment, Trading and Pension where we have the responsibility to oversee all of the over 120 thousand civil servants we have in Lagos State.


“And leaving all of that and also to go back to the private sector where we did extensive consulting, power, housing, in real estate, working with the NGO’s working with civil society organization and also giving capacity development to all of our local environment.”

"These are some of the experiences we have had to gather together. Between Femi and I, we have about sixty years wealth of experience both in the publc and private sector,” Sanwo-olu said.

Talking about the identity of Lagos, Sanwo-olu said he is not here for fanfare but his passion for Lagos state is the driving force.

Adding that he clearly understands the landscape and what it is that can be done to change the stalling narrative.

“We are saying that given all the skills and knowledge we have, things will happen.

"Things will happen in health, things will happen in education, things will happen in infrastructure, things will happen in waste management, things will happen in power.

"They are taken for granted but I can explain to you if you ask the question how each of those strong economic indices, how we want to transform them.

"And in all of these things we have thought out processes that we can use and will help us", he added.

Sanwo-Olu pointed out areas where immediate attention is urgently needed in the state noting that his government (if elected) will swing into action and ensure prompt work begins.

One of the areas is the completion of the light rail project that was initiated by the previous government and has suffered major setback.

He said work will start immediately he assumes office and completion will be as soon as possible.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu

He also spoke on the issue of waste management in the state saying that question is not whether or not if Visionscape will be done away with but his plan is to look into the issues and finding a solution that will benefit all interest groups.

The APC governorship aspirants also said the plight of the poor in the state will be given top priority.

He said he will ensure that the children of the poor have access to quality education and also affordable healthcare that is right at their door step.

Sanwo olu re-emphasized his plan for an inclusive government stating that inclusiveness in government is not about him doing everything.

“It’s about listening to people and making sure that we design programs that is inclusive, sustainable and impacts everyone".

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