While many are often envious of the grandeurs lifestyle of celebrities and often wish they are in their shoes, only a few can weather the storm they faced on their path to stardom.

Lady Gaga is one of such as she shed some light on some difficult times in her past.

The 32-year-old A Star Is Born actress and pop superstar opened up during an interview with Variety’s Marc Malkin over the weekend at 2018 Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada.

She said “When I see myself in this film, I see so much of myself when I was younger, when I did not believe in myself, when I was bullied in school, I felt ugly, and my only escape was music and that’s why I started to sing and write songs and act was because I wanted an escape from all of that pain. Little Stefani right now, she’s very humbled and she’s very surprised,”.

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“I always flipped it on its head. If they wanted me to look sexy, I wanted to look weird. I always wanted to define what it meant to be me and I always had something to say and I always made sure that no one stood in my way when I wanted to say it.”

Gaga, best known for her flamboyant stunts on stage, plays an aspiring singer in the third remake of the romance between an aging star and a newcomer  and for her, the debut as an actress is quite fulfilling .

“I’ve always wanted to be an actress and this is more than I ever imagined,” she told reporters on the red carpet at the Toronto Film Festival on Sunday. “I am just so honored and grateful and humbled.”

Gaga made her television acting debut in “American Horror Story: Hotel” winning a Golden Globe in 2016. But taking the lead role in “A Star is Born” was a big leap.

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