This should sound enough warning for all ladies who do their make-up while commuting.

It is risky, even deadly as this story will show you.

A woman in Bangkok, Thailand doing her make-up in a car was rushed to hospital after she stabbed herself in the eye with an eyeliner stick when her taxi was involved in a minor collision.

She was on her way to see friends when the taxi she was in bumped into another vehicle in traffic jam.

The woman, who is in her 20s, hit the seat in front when the taxi knocked the white pick-up truck in front of them.

Incredibly for the woman, the stick didn’t penetrate her eyeball and her sight will not be affected by the accident.

Fortunately for the woman, she didn’t actually pierce her eyeball.

Metro News UK reports that she was taken to Rajavithi Hospital where the pencil was removed without any lasting injuries.

The report quoted a paramedic Thanabodee Sabbodi as saying that the crash was minor but that the ‘freak accident’ had caused half of the pencil to plunge into the eye socket of the young woman, who has not been identified.

“This should be a warning to women who do their make-up while cars are still running because accidents can always happen. ‘This was a strange accident and unexpected, but nobody can predict these incidents. We have to be prepared,’” he said.

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