Remember the rule of dressing. Dress the way you want to be addressed. 

Times have changed. Dressing has gone notches higher than what they used to be in the time of the older generation with grey hair around.

Ever since ladies saw that drawing a guy's attention requires more than just the clothes they wear, a lot changed. 

Slay queens are getting all the attention and eyeballs and some ladies just get envious of them, instead of trying to adopt some of the few things they do that help them slay like 'Kilode'

They can't pass guys without heads turning. They act like they apply voodoo or luck charm.

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In Delta State, there is an adage that talks about the eyes being the first judge of how a food could taste and that is one trick to slay with. 

There are a few clothes that guys love and they will not fail to take a good look at a lady who has that on. 

Here are a few nice designs you can ask your tailor to package for you so you could slay like a queen that you are. 

Sexy dresses to slay with for ladies

Guys look at this cloth and some of them imagine how easy it will be to loosen the ropes and make way into the cleavage that will be exposed at the pull of a rope and this sends so much signal that are responded to. 

Sexy dresses to slay with for ladies

The upper part of the dress gives enough exposure that will make minds begin to imagine things, and girls who wear them can testify to how much of attention they draw. All a lady needs to do with this top on is make sure that below the neck, the clean and spotless skin gives deep insight into how going beyond that level could be. To slay becomes easy. 

Sexy dresses to slay with for ladies

Here again is another top that does not only reveals cleavage, but sends signals of an easy ride down to the belly button region. It is just as easy as it appears to loosen it, but you can play a trick on a guy by asking your tailor to add a cover that you could pin on the inside of the cloth to ensure that a pull of the rope will expose nothing but the inner cover. Scam right? 

Sexy dresses to slay with for ladies

How clean the armpit region of a lady is also tells a story about how clean inside - down bellow - she could be. 

This top just gives a little insight into that. Don't go and use an armpit roll-on that will leave stains and make your armpit look messy when you wear this top. A water colour roll-on with a great fragrance will just do the magic that you need. 

Flash the (clean) armpit with style when the guys are around and you will send signals that will make him want to see more. If you have armpit odour, please and please, don't even try this. 

Sexy dresses to slay with for ladies

Nice suede top right? It comes with a rope in front for easy slide into the cleavage region. With the spaghetti hand, the cloth comes with the entire effect that three of the earlier described clothes will have. 

It draws attention, as the rope dangles at the lower part, calling for that one hand that will pull it down. 

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The same trick - an inner cover - could also be applied to make sure that the package behind the dress do not just get revealed at a pull of the rope. 

Sexy dresses to slay with for ladies

If you are the Scripture Union sister that does not want to show guys anything, relax and take this to your tailor. The design is sweet and will be nice if your tailor could make this with pure cotton material. 

It is unique and stands out with the pleating in front, both at the upper and lower parts. 

You will still draw attention when you have the nice shape that also could make heads turn even while wearing this. You don't need to expose your assets some times to slay, especially when it is a church setting. Holy people should not see what could trigger thoughts, remember. Or you will just make a brother fall and blame Satan. 

Sexy dresses to slay with for ladies

This is another one you could try that also covers the assets that must not be seen by another eyes other than that of the man you marry. If this mind is in you and you are not a 'child of the world', sister, this one could work, be sure to tell your tailor the exact position that the 'V' shape must stop. 

You could still slay with this gown if you have the right package. You know right? 

Sexy dresses to slay with for ladies

Just awesome and sexy is what this is. With a nice shoe, this one just kills it. But it is more of the kind that you may not need to wear to church. especially if you attend that kind of church that older generation people who see little exposure of cleavage as a taboo attend.

Those old men and women be looking at you like, "who gave birth to this one". If you know you know. 

Sexy dresses to slay with for ladies

Another nice top for the Scripture Union babes, who guys usually consider 'stingy' sought off, could also wear this one. It totally keeps the assets intact for the only eyes that should see them. 

No exposing of cleavage or any rope to untie. Just the sister and her body structure will send the message needed to draw the attention. 

Look good and get the attention.

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