In the early days of this year, one Nigerian babe trended on Twitter because of a tweet she posted in which she said if she doesn’t get married this year, she will commit murder.

Although she didn’t specify who she intended to kill, we can guess that the first candidate on that list just might be her boyfriend.

We know there are several ladies out there fasting and praying to get married and become Mrs. Somebody, but not everyone has the guts to put it out there in the open like the Twitter lady. 

If you’re in relationship now and you’re hoping it ends in matrimony, it’s best for you to take stock of how things are going between you two, so that you can determine whether you’ll end up married or not. No need to waste your precious time with someone who is just catching fun with you.

Listen carefully to things your boyfriend says to you, and if any of the following statements drop out of his mouth, then know you’re on your own.

1. “Let’s just go with flow.”

Where are you two flowing to? When did you become water that is flowing up and down? When a guy tells you to just go with the flow, it means he’s not ready to make any serious commitments with you. He’s just hanging with you for the time being till he meets someone else more interesting than you. In his mind, what you two have is not a long-term relationship and may never be.

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2. “Let’s take things one day at a time.”

Yes, it is good to live in the moment but when it comes to a relationship, the big picture actually matters. When your guy is reluctant to plan or set future goals with you, that’s a classic sign that you’ll never be anything more than his girlfriend. A man who wants a future with you will always seek your opinion when planning that future because it means you will be there with him when that time comes.

3. “My family knows about you.”

Well, have you seen them in person to confirm that yourself? Why hasn’t he invited you to meet them yet? If you’ve been dating your boyfriend for over a year and you haven’t met his family in person (even though they live in the same country as you both), then it’s likely that you’ll never meet them. Don’t be satisfied with just photos or talking on the phone with one of his siblings, he needs to invite you home and properly introduce you to his people. You’re not a secret, so don’t let him treat you like one.