True love they say is hard to find. No wonder when you finally find it, you hold on to it with everything you’ve got because you know how precious it is.

However, a lot of people have bastardized the word, “love” so much that it has almost lost its meaning. Some people even confuse lust with love, and some don’t even have an idea what they’re talking about.

How do you know when a man really loves you?

Love does not send mixed signals. A man cannot tell you he loves you and then treat you badly. His words and deeds must be the same.

If you’re in doubt about your man’s true feelings for you, here are a few signs to let you know that he genuinely loves you.

1. He’s always there for you

Talk is cheap. Anyone can say they love you, but the one who really does will always be there for you when you need them. A person who sticks with you in good and bad times definitely values you in their life. If your man is fond of making flimsy excuses just to flake out of being available to you when you need him, then that’s a clear sign that he is not sincere with you and doesn’t truly love you.

2. He treats you with respect

A man that loves you considers your feelings and best interest when making important decisions that concerns both of you. Your opinion is always important to him and he ensures that he carries you along when making critical plans about his life and your future together.

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3. He says he loves you and shows it

Action speaks louder than words. If your man indeed loves you, he does things and makes moves that match his words. He goes above and beyond to make you happy and see that your needs are met. Your joy and satisfaction are top on his list of priorities, and he makes it obvious to whoever cares to know because he is not ashamed to be in love with you.