Arguments and disagreements are a normal part of relationships. Both of you are not robots, so it’s expected that from time to time you guys would clash.

However, disagreements don’t necessarily mean the end of your relationship as long as they’re not violent and demeaning. You can express your displeasure without being nasty.

Avoid name calling while arguing

And we know how Nigerian men get when it comes to their women bashing them verbally. They find it emasculating.

Well, no matter how angry you are with your Naija boyfriend, never say these 4 things to him during an argument except you’re ready to end your relationship with him.

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1. “Leave!” Now this is one outburst your guy won’t take very lightly. Unless you genuinely want him gone, don’t tell him to leave or he just might do so and never come back. Men have a way of taking your threats seriously when you least expect it, so instead of telling him to bounce, put a stop to the argument and postpone it to another time when you’re both calmer and have had time to think about the issue you’re arguing about.

2. “Never mind” The reason you’re arguing in the first place is because there is something your man has said or done that you do not agree with, so saying “Never mind” is like sweeping everything under the rug instead of just addressing it once and for all and sorting it out. Don’t expect him to pay attention to you next time you bring up that same issue because you already told him it’s not important.

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3. “Suit yourself” Oh, he will. Best believe he will suit himself if you choose to take this route to end your disagreement instead of facing the matter head on. If the direction the argument is going doesn’t sit well with you, voice your opinion and leave it at that. Don’t tell him to do as he pleases, yet expect him to do the opposite. That won’t work.

4. “You’re such a @#%!” Name calling during an argument is the quickest way to make everything escalate beyond your control. It is childish and disrespectful, so rather than blast him with your mouth grenade, take a deep breath and tackle the issue on ground like a real adult.