Some ladies look like dolls sometimes when they wear eyelashes and men kind of feel they are sexy, but there is a grave danger in wearing them. 

The Nigerian Optometric Association (NOA) has an advice for ladies who wear these lashes.

It says there are two issues that fixing eyelashes could result in and that they have been on the increase of late.

1. Trauma 

The Lagos State Chairman of NOA, Dr. John Samssedi, says there is a significant increase in the number of patients with trauma and that it was as a result of persons using fake lashes.

“There has been a significant growing number of trauma cases arising from people using fake lashes," Dr. Samssedi said. 

2. Damage To The Cornea

According to the Optometrist, patronising anybody who sells and fixes eyelashes could result in glue dropping in the eyes of the individual and that it would result in a serious issue. 

“Women just patronise anybody to get their lashes fixed and because these people are not experts, they use super glue to fix the lashes on the eyelids. 

"This gum is dangerous to the eyes, it can cause severe burns on the cornea and once it has damaged the cornea, the person’s vision will be impaired," he warned.  

He further warned that before anyone should use contact lenses or anything to beautify him or herself, the person should get an eye examination to ascertain the stability level of the eyes.  

“The eye examination will tell whether she has any diseases that can compromise the cornea; also, contact lenses, if not properly managed, can also cause heavy damage to the eye,’’ the News Agency of Nigeria quoted Samssedi as saying. 

The chairman said in recent times, his organisation had treated three people who had super glue spilled into their eyes in the process of fixing fake lashes. 

He advised women to always consider their health and welfare first, before beautification adding that it is good to look good but it must be handled with caution. 

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Samssedi also advised people who were prone to allergies to always go for non-allergenic or hydro-allergenic products for their make-ups or facials. 

He stressed that using non-allergenic products would prevent them from coming down with allergy conjunctivitis and things that were within that spectrum. 

The doctor also advised women to always engage the services of optometrists if they have to attach false eyelashes to their eyelids or want to go for contact lenses.

According to him, contact lenses are very good medical devices, especially, for people who are very myopic, and those who are highly astigmatic or highly hyperopic.

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