For a non-Nigerian, hearing the term “Yoruba demons” may evoke a feeling of fear or anxiety about meeting people from the Yoruba tribe. 

However, in reality, it’s just a name given to some Yoruba men because of their charming ways of sweeping women off their feet without any real intention of pursuing a serious relationship with them.

Men in a Nigerian wedding

Also more generally speaking, ''Yoruba demons'' can be used to describe anyone in general, regardless of their tribe, who is well-versed in the art of courting women without any real intention of settling down with them. Simply put, a ''Yoruba demon'' is a player.

Now that we've cleared that up, not all Yoruba men are bad. Some Yoruba men are actually very sincere and loving. It just so appears that there seems to be more ‘demons’ among them than angels.

Read on to know how to spot a real ''Yoruba demon'' and how to beat him at his own game.

• He is all about packaging

Yoruba demons are typically good looking and excellent dressers. A Yoruba demon puts more effort into his looks than anything else. When it comes to manscaping, accessorizing, dressing in designer wears, he’s number one. And he’s equally attracted to gorgeous women. His first move is to shower you with a flood of compliments to win you over.

Your move: Accept his compliments graciously but don’t take them too seriously. At this stage, he’s just trying to turn your head to mush before he launches an attack. So do like Trump and build a wall to block those compliments in your head.

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• He is quick to profess his affection

The way he’ll be all over you, you’d think he has never been with any other woman before you. In fact, he’ll tell you that he is convinced you’re the one.

Your move: Before you start gulping in every word he says like a thirsty donkey, ask him to tell you at least 5 (intellectual) qualities he admires in you. Trust us, that his love will disappear instantly because no Yoruba demon has time to be answering JAMB questions. 

• He wants to get with you immediately

The next time on his agenda is sex. His conversations with you will always head in that direction.

Your move: Tell him after your last relationship ended, you decided to stay celibate until you get married. This line of talk is a major turn off for him. As far as he’s concerned, marriage is never on the menu.