If you are from Kwara State and you are unemployed, this December may just be the right time to visit home.

There is high rate of youth unemployment in all states in Nigeria with an over 60% youth population.

In Kwara State, the state government says it will create more job opportunities for youths in 2018. 


The process will begin with the registration of unemployed youths in order to establish a reliable data bank that would assist the government in creating a platform for identifying the different categories of youths that are unemployed and areas to engage them.

After the process, the government will engage the youths in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) and agriculture

It is part of efforts aimed at reducing youth unemployment and the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Youth Empowerment, Mr Zakariyau Babatunde, believes the strategy would work.

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He told reporters in the state capital, Ilorin that more youth-oriented programmes would commence next year, with much attention focused on SMEs and agriculture.

"It is crucial to  the agenda of the present administration in the state," Babatunde also stated. 

He assured the people of the state that the government would roll out different programmes next year that would have direct impact on youths.

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