A Governorship aspirant under the platform of the All Progressive Congress APC in Kwara State, Hon. Mashood Mustapa has debunked the rumors of him being a mole in APC.

Mustapha, who was a former Commissioner for Works and Housing as well as Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources, made the call at his declaration of intent to run for the Governorship of Kwara State at Arca Santa Event Centre Ilorin the Kwara State Capital.

He said “when I first heard that allegation, I waved it off thinking it will fade out when my party members see my efforts and commitment to the party. Ironically, some elements within and outside our party have seen that as an opportunity to dent my image owing to the fact that i have an unblemished record aside my past relationship with Senate President." It is on record that virtually all politicians in Kwara state has had one form of relationship or the other with the Saraki's until political differences tear them apart. Mine is not an exception" he said.

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"I worked for Sen. Bukola Saraki right from when he became the governor of Kwara State up till when he became the Senate President and I carried out my duties diligently and effectively. But I had to quit after all efforts to allow for internal democracy failed and I could no longer cope with the way he imposes his decision on others. I have a mind of my own and i cannot be a puppet to anyone" he said.

"For those who said I’m a Sen. Bukola Saraki mole in APC, I want you to search your hearts deeply and ask yourself if a mole bear the kind of persecution I suffered in the hands of the Sarakites. I also want you to sincerely ask yourself if a mole can openly criticize the policies of the incumbent government in Kwara state and also take a position when some opportunities attempted to exhume our defunct nPDP platform to derail the president and his administration through the formation of an illegal and irresponsible Reform APC."

He said his vision was to create a Kwara that works for all irrespective of Tribe, Gender, Religion and political Affiliation with the mission to drive sustainable Economic Development, Inclusive Governance, Poverty Alleviation and Wealth Creation.