The battle for supremacy between executives and their deputies date as far back as 1999 between Obasanjo and his former Vice-President, Atiku.

In November 2017, we witnessed the battle for Anambra with Governor Willie Obiano up against his former boss, Peter Obi of the PDP.

The scale of victory for Obiano was unprecedented - in the history of the state, he became the first person to win polls in all 21 local council areas to earn another 4 years in office.

The secret of his success is not far-fetched - it's hardwork and selflessness - the people love their Governor.

Are we ready for another showdown between former best friends turned foes in Kano?

Battle For Kano

Former Kano Governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso has finally backed down from his planned visit to Kano on Tuesday, January 30.

The much-anticipated visit was called off following apprehension over a possible security breakdown.

Kwankwaso, now a serving senator said he decided to shelve the visit following series of consultations.

Senator Kwankwaso said, “I have shelved my visit to Kano to avoid political clash in the state following series of advices I have received from well-meaning Nigerians home and abroad.

“In view of this and after lengthy consultations with well-meaning Nigerians home and abroad, we painfully have decided to shelve the scheduled visit at the moment.”

Kwankwaso has been having a running battle with his successor in office, Governor Abdullahi Ganduje.

Both men were political allies with Ganduje serving as deputy to Kwankwaso for 8 years.

The political feud between both gladiators seems unsolvable, despite the intervention of the party and the President, Muhammadu Buhari.

The crisis further denigrated when the two camps fixed rallies for the same area on the same day.


Kwankwaso’s supporters, known as Kwankwasiyya, had earlier fixed January 30 for a massive rally in the state.

However, the governor’s faction of APC, called Gandujiyya, released a programme of events from January 27 to February 6, including a rally on January 30.

The State Police Commissioner, Rabiu Yusuf, had on January 27, advised Kwankwaso to shelve the visit as security report had indicated that the controversial visit might lead to political unrest.

Yusuf also warned that the law would be allowed to take its full course in the event that the controversial visit results in violent clashes.

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The commissioner was silent on the several petitions written to him over the open threats to Kwankwaso’s life by alleged government sponsored thugs.

Here are three points to show that the police authorities are partisan in favour of the governor.

1. The commissioner of police is aware of the planned violence during the visit and is also aware of those who have made the threats of violence;

So why is the police unable to act and neutralize the threats? The role of the police is to protect life and property regardless of who is making the threats.

2. The Commissioner had in the past given protection to pro-government protest marches. 

Why is he finding Kwankwaso’s historic visit to the state a difficult event to handle? Why is the polity so heated at this time?

Will Kwankwaso reignite his presidential ambition bearing in mind that he is no longer wanted by the leadership of the APC in Kano?

3. Why didn’t the Nigerian Police ask the governor’s faction of APC to shift the date or change the venue of its rally considering the fact that Kwankwaso had giving notice of his visit two months earlier than the Governor's APC faction?

These are the questions Commissioner Yusuf needs to answer to prove he is neutral in the feud.

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The are the questions the commissioner Yusuf needs to answer to prove he is neutral in the feud