The Students of Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja have decried their lack of hostel accommodation for several months.

The state government had instructed the school authority to issue quit notice to hostel occupants to vacate their hostels for a semester to allow for major renovations to be carried out as some of the buildings were no longer befitting for students to live in.

But unfortunately, nothing has been done in terms of renovation till now and this has been described as traumatizing by the students.

A cross section of students who spoke to Bounce News lamented that lack of accommodation has greatly increased the stress they are going through and has contributed to the massive failure the school has recorded so far as many of them have to trek several kilometres to meet up with their lecture time.

Kogi Polytechnic

"When we don't have hostels to stay, how can we concentrate on our studies?" one of the students queried.

They expressed grievances that some of their course mates have lost their lives to accidents due to lack of hostel accommodations as they will have to cross the Lokoja Abuja express road to attend lectures daily.

They hinted that some students who could not afford the rent in off campus accomodations have resorted to sleeping in the class rooms, but that claim has been debunked the Students’ body.


While the students are groaning, the unpleasant situation has  made house owners seize the opportunity to  exploit  students by inflating their house rents and the students are compelled into accepting the houses as they have no alternative options.

While reflecting on the development, the chairperson of the nonacademic staff union of Kogi State Polytechnic (NASU) Mrs. Monica told Bounce News that since the students left the hostels, no form of renovation has taken place.

Kogi Polytechnic

"We are yet to see the government in action since they promised to renovate the school hostels, the students are suffering and every year the school admits no fewer than 2,000 Students but no accommodation to allocate to them"

She urged the government to fulfill their promise by taking proactive measures towards renovating the school hostels for students to have a conducive learning environment and also to save their lives from further attacks.

The hostels remain empty with students going about their school activities.