Liverpool has once again lost two points after struggling to a goalless draw against West Brom on Wednesday.

In Sunday’s Merseyside derby, Liverpool failed to hold on to their lead as they conceded to Everton to end the tie 1-1.

Dominic Solanke’s late goal was ruled out by referee Paul Tierney as handball, causing a frustrated Klopp to lament after the game.

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“For me it's twice deflected and I'm still not sure if the hand was with the ball. It looks like chest. In the game it looked 100 per cent like chest.

“Afterwards I had a few replays, there's an arm but not sure if he touches the ball. Is it a penalty in the other box? I'm not sure, it's not on purpose, for sure not."

Wednesday’s result saw Liverpool slip to 5th place on the English Premier League table, with Tottenham moving to 4th spot after a 2-0 victory over Brighton & Hove Albion.

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