Until recently, the peace of Ayetoro, a coastal community in the southern part of Ondo state can best be described as a flowing river.

But on Friday, peace took flight and the waterside area was plunged into a royal tussle, allegedly orchestrated by one Prophet Oluwambe Ojagbohumi to offstage the existing crown king, Oba Micha Olaseeni Ajijo.

According to sources in the town, dispute started after the demise of Oba Gad Asogbon, the Ogeloyinbo of Aiyetoro and Oba Micha was installed few months later.

"We have a different tradition of selecting our king here.

"Unlike other areas that consult 'Ifa', we do our own with the leading of the holy spirit and whoever emerges becomes the the king and the spiritual head of our church, the Christ Apostolic Church, Aiyetoro.

"This was how Oba Micha Ajijo emerged as king and the general Overseer of our church." Said Elder Benjamin Osundare.

This narration, however, changed when Prophet Ojagbohumi suddenly surfaced and declared himself as king and the spiritual head of the church.

He was said to have threatened to deal with whoever converges on the palace of Oba Ajijo or dignify him as king.

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Another member of the community, Dorcas Ehinmosan confirmed how Ojagbohumi has been using his influence to harass people and silent anyone trying to raise opposition.

"He brought two armour tank with armed police and position them at the strategic location of the town. He created a palace and a worship centre in his compound and so far, he has managed to divide the town and it's people.

"Presently, the Apostolic Church where we all gather to worship has been under locked and keyed so as to prevent unwarranted bloodshed."

Efforts by the state government to resolve the crisis has met a brick-wall as non of the parties is ready to shift ground.

In a statement by the secretary of the community, Otunba Dele Kudehinbu, Prophet Ojagbohunmi had ruptured the peace in the community by crowning himself as king when the throne of Ogeloyinbo was not vacant thereby, inviting bloodshed and total breakdown of law and order.

The state deputy governor, Agboola Ajayi noted that the government will do everything possible to settle the lingering crisis.

Aiyetoro is a communist area which came into being in 1947 by some Christian adherents on the principles of justice and equity.

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