Image Credit: Sky News - (Howard X posed as Kim with a Trump impersonator at the Winter Olympics)

The world is hoping that something great will come out of a planned summit between North Korean Leader and US President Kim Jong Un come June 12 in Singapore.

But certainly, some people are bound to make some jokes out of it.

This is the case for this Australian comedian who is best known for impersonating Kim Jong Un.

The man - who goes only by the name Howard X - says he was detained in Singapore as he looked to scope out the scene of the meeting, which is just days away.

He claims to have been held for two hours and says he was questioned about his political allegiances for 30 minutes after arriving at Changi Airport, with authorities telling him he had come at a "very sensitive time".

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"They asked me what my political views were and if I have been involved with protests in other countries," he said.

"They said: 'It's the Trump-Kim summit. You've come at a very sensitive time'."

He was, however, allowed to enter the country.

Mr Kim could meet Mr Trump at the picturesque Sentosa Island

"I guess after analysing the situation they decided it was better for me to come into the country than actually deporting me," the impostor, who is based in Hong Kong, told his fans on Facebook.

"After all, if they had deported me the headline in the newspapers all around the world would have been 'Kim Jong Un deported from Singapore', which I'm sure is something that the Singaporean government would not want in the papers.

"Anyway, I am here now so be prepared for some fun during this historical moment in the finest dictatorship in the world."

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