The recurring cases of alleged criminal herdsmen unleashing terror on communities leaving in their trail tears and blood requires lasting interventions.

Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, like many Nigerians, is worried and wants the Nigerian government to do more than making promises.

Soyinka, in a statement in Lagos on Sunday, acknowledged that a few armed herdsmen had been apprehended by security agencies, but pointed out that this is not enough to put a stop to the mayhem by the criminals.

He said there were so many of the criminals hiding in the forests which needed to be tracked down by security agencies.

Most regrettable is that some communities had been sacked by the criminals, causing residents to flee.

Soyinka called for justice and restitution for victims of herdsmen attacks, saying that would give them some succour.

“We must go beyond arresting a token of herdsmen caught with arms as there are still hundreds of them in the forests.

“It is not enough to back the anti-open grazing law, so late in the day, but we shall leave that for later.

“Right now, the violated and the dispossessed demand restitution and with no further delay or subterfuge.

“All available forces should be deployed to right the hideous, unprecedented wrong that has left the nation drowning in blood. We simply cannot continue one day longer to watch this forceful feeding of human blood,” he said.


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