If you thought the beef between Kevin Hart and fellow comedian Mike Epps ended last year, you're so wrong.

The beef was ignited after Mike Epps shared an Instagram post revealing that he was working on a new project with Eddie Murphy, to which a fan responded that Eddie Murphy is funnier than Kevin Hart, and Epps replied saying everybody is funnier than Kevin Hart.

As expected, this angered Kevin and he fired back accusing Epps of being a "sad individual" who is envious of his success. 

He also made sure to add that he's selling way more tickets than those who they claim are funnier than him.

Kevin's reply reads:

@eppsie All I can say is that your a sad individual. I talked to you several times face to face in attempts to put the B.S behind us. I even reached out to u like a man and tried to get to the bottom of your bitterness. When will you realize that my success has nothing to do with you or your journey.

''Unlike you I want to see you win...I'm actually a fan champ. I'm praying for the day that you will realize that so many of us entertainers have a crabs in a barrell mentallity. You are the biggest crab I know...I will continue to shine and continue to make history and continue to do comedy at the HIGHEST level. If that makes u sick then so be it....I will hand u a throw up bucket because this next year that I'm about to have will be my best Mr bitter.....While u worry about this Grown Little man please know and understand that all I am worried about is SUCCESS!!!! #CatchUp.''

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