Kenyans are casting their votes to elect a president and a new parliament following weeks of campaigning and claims of a plot to rig the results.

Four-time presidential hopeful, Raila Odinga, is once again in the presidential race and he is banking on some Madiba magic to win.

On the banner behind his profile picture, faded to the background, is a picture of him meeting a very aged Nelson Mandela, and right next to it, superimposed, a picture of Odinga holding a child.

There’s also the Mandela quote: “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”

Supporters have drawn parallels between Odinga and Mandela, saying that, like Madiba, Odinga was jailed when fighting for freedom (although he spent seven years behind bars, compared to Mandela’s 27), and also that he was responsible for bringing the country a constitution that devolved power and resources when he was prime minister.

It is likely that these elections will be the 72-year-old’s last shot at the presidency, and the stakes are high. He pulled an impressive crowd during the opposition National Super Alliance’s (Nasa) final rally in Nairobi on Saturday, but still, many of his supporters say they believed President Uhuru Kenyatta would win again. This, they say, will be largely due to vote-rigging.