Ms Jacinta Akinyi already had four other children, with the first-born boy in Class Five and was expected to give birth to her fifth child.

She must have wanted just one, but she got five.

The 30-year-old Kenyan woman gave birth to five children at a health facility in Homa Bay County on Sunday morning.

Multiple births are not supposed to be surprising anymore, but when you do five at once, there will be questions about how true.

"It is true I have given birth to five children but the first boy and the last one who is a girl have died," she said.

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She gave birth to three boys and two girls.

Meanwhile, Ms Akinyi woke up as usual knowing that her time for delivery would not be soon.

"I never experienced any serious labour pains. Even yesterday morning I never knew I could give birth any time soon," she said.

Just a little labour pains at dawn before she went to the hospital.

"There was no labour pain at all. I only felt like going for a long call but when I informed the mother-in –law she decided that we rush to the hospital."

Upon arrival at the hospital, she never stayed for long before delivering the first child.

Although she lost two of them, the remaining three are healthy, according to Matata Nursing Officer, Kennedy Otieno.

The challenge before her now is how to take proper care of the children being a casual labourer married to a cane cutter at a local factory.

"I am financially challenged but God has blessed me with this high number of children. May our political leaders and well-wishers come to my aid so that they survive," she said.