It is only natural for the media to gravitate towards an event it deems of interest to its consumers.

But there is also need to operate within the ambit of the law.

The Kenyan government appears to be chiding some TV stations for not putting their country’s peace and stability first.

Three TV stations that were taken off air for covering the inauguration of alternative President Raila Odinga, will stay off indefinitely.

That was what Kenya’s Interior Minister, Fred Matiang‘i said on Wedesday as the government investigates a “swearing in” of the opposition leader in a direct challenge to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Independently owned Citizen TV and Radio, KTN and NTV were switched off on Tuesday after they transmitted live coverage of an opposition ceremony to “swear in” Odinga into office.

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Matiang‘i, who is also the minister in charge of security, accused some elements in the media of facilitating the “illegal act”, putting lives of thousands of Kenyans at risk.

“The government took a decision to shut down the concerned media houses, until further notice, as it launches a full investigation,” he told a news conference.

Odinga, whose supporters say he is Kenya’s legitimate leader and that Kenyatta’s election was neither free nor fair, took a symbolic presidential oath at the ceremony.

Matiang‘i said the opposition event was an attempt to subvert and overthrow the legally constituted government, adding they were also investigating the “swearing in”.

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