Kenya has conducted a repeat presidential election and incumbent who won the first one, Uhuru Kenyatta has won again.

The main opposition leader, Raila Odinga refused to participate in the re-run.

Now, his supporters are waiting to hear his reaction after Kenyatta was declared winner on Monday.

Odinga, a veteran politician who has now failed the 4th time at becoming president of Kenya, is expected to give his first reaction to Kenyatta’s Monday night victory in a speech to loyalists from his Luo tribe on Tuesday.

“We are just waiting for Baba to speak,” said Desmond Litava, an Odinga supporter in Kawangware, a restive slum in the capital, Nairobi.

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Nobody is sure how Odinga could respond. But there are two possible scenarios.

First, Odinga could call for his supporters to take to the streets, unleashing chaos in cities such as Nairobi and Kisumu to the detriment of the already struggling economy.

On the other hand, Odinga could limit his appeal to the courts, as he did in 2013, and yield to diplomatic pressure to engage in post-election ‘national dialogue’ with his arch political rival.

The announcement of Kenyatta’s victory, by a margin of 98% due to an Odinga boycott, provoked anger in pro-Odinga slums, whose residents burnt tyre barricades and threw rocks at police.

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