Kenya's interior ministry's NGO Board has asked police to shut down the Africa Centre for Open Governance (AfriCOG) and arrest its members.

The government moved to shut down the rights organisations who said they had been contemplating court action over last week's disputed presidential election.

Already late Monday, the NGO Board said it was withdrawing the registration of the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) over alleged irregularities.

KHRC board member Maina Kiai said Tuesday it was "no secret" they had been considering lodging a complaint at the Supreme Court over "inconsistencies" in the election process.

Meanwhile AfriCOG, which had filed several court petitions challenging the electoral commission ahead of the election, said it was also weighing a complaint over the poll.

According to Kenya's electoral laws, complaints about the election must be submitted to the Supreme Court by Friday.

Raila Odinga, the defeated opposition leader of the National Super Alliance (NASA), has denounced the result of the vote as a fix, but has so far resisted calls to challenge it in the courts.

Odinga has claimed he was the rightful winner and not President Uhuru Kenyatta, and NASA said a major hacking attack manipulated electronic results sent in from polling stations.

The disputed election have already sparked protests which at times turned violent over the weekend, leaving at least 16 people dead and 177 injured.