Are you a livestock farmer in Nigeria? How do you source your feed? How healthy are your feeds? Have you been losing your livestock to unhealthy feeds?

If your answer to any of the questions above is a yes, then you have a new partner to help you out of your predicament.

Kemin Industries, a globally renowned agriculture and biotechnology firm has entered into partnership with Feedserve Solutions Nigeria to empower Nigerian livestock farmers.

At the launch of Kemin in Nigeria in Lagos on Wednesday, Ben Hotlzhausen who is Head of Technical Services, Animal Nutrition and Health, Sub-Saharan Africa told livestock farmers that Kemin is coming to become a reliable partner to ensure “safety, health and efficiency” in their production value chain.

Speaking after the launch, Managing Director, Feedserve Solutions, Frank Nwabudike told Bounce News that the most significant difference the kemin solutions are going to make is the ability of Nigerian farmers to get solutions to most of their problems.

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“As we said, we are not just selling products, we are selling solutions to them. If they have problems, we are ready to come to their farms, they give us their feed, we analyse free of charge. And that is the biggest difference we are trying to create in the market. It is the ability of most of the farmers to solve most of their problems free of charge,” he started.

Speaking on what informed their partnership with Kemin, Nwabudike said it was the need to bridge the knowledge gap that exists in animal feed production in Nigeria.

“Our partnership with Kemin is the fact that there is gap in the market. We found out that analysis services are expensive and because they are expensive, some people don’t bother to analyse.

“So, they keep churning out whatever they feel it is good enough for the market. But with what we have now, that gap is closed. So, Nigerian feed makers now have opportunity to just put their feed in an envelope and send to Kemin for free analysis.

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“The result of which will help them to understand what to do and what not to do. And the good thing is that it does not matter whether the product they are using is Kemin’s or not.”

A livestock feed producer and Group Head, Policy and Strategy, Amo Byng Nigeria Limited, Toromade Francis said the entry of Kemin would help to reduce cost of production and boost productivity.

"The only way this product can make a difference in Nigerian market is to reduce cost of production. And with the kind of information we have got today, I think it is going to help livestock do just that.

"When the cost of production is reduced, there will be profitability. That is the only way since we don’t have control of the price.

"Customers have control over price and we do not have control over competition and to remain competitive in the market, this kind of knowledge being brought by Kemin is very good".

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