Kcee has filed new charges against  Harrysong and his former manager, Soso Soberekon.

This new 'wahala' between the former label mates on Five Star Music was shared by Harrysong on his Instagram page.

He  captioned it:

"I have never seen where a lady is gang raped and beaten up mercilessly and at same time asked not to cry. Even though you and I know you offended me, I listened to the voice of elders and apologized to you despite all the oppression, yet my success causes you running stomach. And to my fans out there, please brace up for impact, since they have decided to hold us down by all means, We are ready to prove them wrong by all means…, less I forget, help me ask them, what is my crime this time?

#ArabankoDropsTomorrow #altersoldiers#alterlovers #alterbase1"

In a recent interview after the news broke, Harrysong said "Even when they are oppressing me, I don’t say anything. I am just tired. Maybe after these shows, I would now seat with my team to see what to do".

His manager, Desmond Ike also said Kcee wants to stay relevant by using the lawsuit to remain in the media.

"The so called peace between Harrysong and Kcee was just like a smokescreen. From what you can attest to, Kcee has not gotten over dumping him in the thrash. He hasn't. All he does everyday is to talk down on Harrysong, trying to bring his person down all the time. In as much as Harrysong has been that very loyal person who doesn't want trouble, he doesn't want it to seem like he is biting the finger that fed him. Kcee keeps coming at him. So the tone of that writeup on IG is nothing short of it that he would hear from us this time around. They have bitten more than they can chew. They have gone beyond the norm. This is not done anywhere." the manger said.

Kcee and Harrysong have been entangled in a legal and social media drama following Harrysong’s exit from the Five Star music label.

Their dispute was settled by veteran musician Daddy Showkey and Kcee seemingly gave Harrysong his blessings for his new record label.