Drivers in Kaduna state are tired of KASTELEA officials and one of them has been made a scapegoat to serve as deterrent for others.

Residents claim the officials' excesses have become unbearable. So they took the laws into their hands.

The drivers alleged that the KASTELEA official’s action caused an accident which involved two motorists on Yakowa Road on Thursday.

The accident, which involved a Volkswagen Golf Station Wagon car and a Toyata Camry Salon car, occurred at 8am around NNPC Junction and ignited a protest by the drivers which caused a gridlock.

The driver of the Golf car, Isiaku Zubairu said the KASTELEA official had ordered him to park and that in an attempt to make him obey, the official held onto the car steering.

Zubairu said while he was reversing the vehicle swerved onto the road and hit the car behind.

This reminds us of LASTMA in Lagos, although they seem to have curbed that unruly act now.

“This is unprofessional, and look at the damage it caused to my car and the other vehicle.

“He must fix both cars otherwise we will not release him. He has to take responsibility for his action, “the driver said.

However, one of the KASTELEA officials at the scene, Rashidu Suleiman, denied the allegation and said the driver tried to flee when he hit the oncoming car.

But an eyewitness, Jafaru Yusuf, blamed the accident on the KASTELEA official whom he claimed was unprofessional in his conduct.

“How can he hold the steering of a moving vehicle?  The driver was trying to park when the officer in question struggled the car steering with the driver, which caused the accident,” he explained.

Yusuf, who owns a block molding industry near the accident spot, said five similar accidents had occurred in the area in the last three weeks because of unprofessional conducts of KASTELEA officials.

Another witness, Nehemia Magaji, also blamed the accident on the KASTELEA official.

Ayuba Mati, a driver, shared a similar encounter with a KASTELEA official recently.

“These people are endangering human lives with their unprofessional conduct.

“We are appealing to the state government to take them off the road to prevent avoidable accidents.

“We want only police and road safety corps. We don’t want KASTELEA on our roads, “Mati said.

The angry driver and some sympathisers dragged the KASTELEA officer into another vehicle and drove off before the police intervened and rescued him.

The Kaduna State Government in May 2016 established the agency and mandated it to maintain environmental safety and control traffic on roads.