The effect of the imposed 24 hours curfew in some parts of Kaduna metropolis and environs is beginning to bite hard on residents.

Some hungry youths, who were desperate to fill their empty bellies, forcefully obtained food items from opened shops in Narayi, Bayan Dutse area of Chikun local council.

The action of the hungry youths caused apprehension in the area as many seeing them took to their heels shouting, "dem don come again ooooo".

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Over twenty young men took food items ranging from Gari, sugar, bread, milk, Milo and any other edible food without the approval of the shop owners.

Most of the shop owners who resisted had part of their shops destroyed.

Some of the rampaging boys spoke on condition of anonymity to Bounce News.

" Oga we risk our lives mounting roadblocks over the night to prevent intruders from coming to launch any form of attack on people while sleeping. Now we are hungry and nobody wants to give us food hence the reason for collecting the food items by force since he or she won't give us gently.” One of the young men explained.

" We are not thieves and we are not troublemakers but we are hungry and we must survive" another youth added while eating from a loaf of bread he had grabbed from one of the shops.

"These boys are just exhibiting the act of stealing. Even if they are hungry, collecting our food items forcefully is not the way to go about it. I feel for their actions" A shop owner complained.

Following the action of these youths, most of the shop owners have resolved to lock up their stores to prevent a re-occurrence.

At the time of filing this report, the ‘grabby’ youths ran away when they sighted a truck conveying some security personnel.

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