Like almost all the killings that happen in Northern Nigeria, it always starts with a rumour.

The recent killings in Kaduna are a reminder that no one ever bothers to know what really happened before picking up a weapon to find the nearest victim.

Isaac Egbeja became one of the victims of the recent senseless attacks. He was lucky because many people died that day.

The electrical engineer, who works for the  Power Holding Company Of Nigeria, PHCN is officially stationed in Zaria.

The only time he gets to see his wife and son, who live in the capital city of Kaduna, is during weekends.

On the evening of Sunday, October 21 2018, Isaac was on his way back from visiting a friend on Kano road when the fresh wave of killings began.

While he waited at the bus stop,  Issac was surrounded and attacked by young men armed with knives, machetes and axes.

He was stabbed and struck repeatedly by his attackers who were determined to kill someone they did not even know.

While in the university, Issac was an active member of the taekwondo team, despite his rusty martial arts skills, he tried to fight back the unending onslaught by these savages.

The hoodlums stole his wallet and phone, but he just wanted to stay alive.

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Isaac broke free and dragged his bleeding body into the nearest house and was eventually assisted to the hospital.

While speaking exclusively to Bounce News he said “It was just God who saved me. I thank God, He gave me another chance.”

Over 50 lives have been reportedly lost in Kaduna State, starting from October 18, after a crisis erupted at Kasuwan Magani in Kajuru Local Government Area.

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