The peace of Narayi community in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State was scuttled in the early hours of Monday.

One thing about the attack that startled the residents was that some of the attackers suspected to be bandits wore military uniform.

This may be another pointer to how easy it has become to lay hands on military uniforms in Nigeria.

At least three youths in their early twenties where shot dead by the gunmen who stormed the community in the early hours of the day.

The victims were said to be among the youths who mobilised themselves and barricaded the road to provide security against possible intruders who might invade the area to cause mayhem.

They had taken the decision after violence broke out Sunday afternoon in some communities which resulted in the imposition of curfew in the Kaduna metropolis and environs.

Little did they know that the gunmen will re-enforce and attack.

Following the killing of the boys, angry youths mobilised themselves and prevented security personnel, who had arrived after the killing, from taking the remains of the victims to be deposited in the mortuary.

After they stopped the security personnel, the angry youths prepared three coffins wrapped in white cloths and buried the three dead persons at the Narayi cemetery while a crowd of sympathisers watched.

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At the moment, the angry youths are seen in strategic areas in groups embarking on stop and search of some vehicles moving on essential duties.

There is visible tension in the community, after angry youths vowed to carry out a reprisal attack to avenge the death of their colleagues.

They have not been able to identify the killers. 

A visit to Kaduna town shows that men of the police and civil defence officials have been stationed at strategic roads, carrying out stop and search and also on the alert to prevent break down of law and order.

The imposed 24 hours curfew on Kaduna metropolis and environs as at the time of this report is still in place.

The military has not issued a statement on the attack and the use of military uniforms by persons suspected to be bandits. 

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