The recently leaked letter from the Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu may be an indication that things are not right within President Buhari’s cabinet.

The news is out there for all, the Senate is probing the serious allegations and the debates continue among citizens.

One man has warned the President about the implication of the letter and the fact that it has been leaked to citizens.

Senator, Shehu Sani believes this is an opportunity for Buhari to squash insinuations that there is “a government within a government” under him and that the Presidency has been hijacked.

The memo contains weighty allegations that cannot just be ignored, otherwise, it would greatly affect the government’s integrity and credibility.

“The content of that letter and the allegations made raise a number of issues not only about the NNPC but about the whole structure of governance as it exists today;

"In the very sense that if a minister of state can say it has been difficult for him to access channels through which he can present his issues, I think there is a system disconnect and it is simply giving credence to the fact that there exists a government within a government.”


He wonders how Buhari’s so-called ‘kitchen cabinet’ has become so powerful and more like a burden, when ordinarily it should not be big deal since most leaders have their close circle of advisers.

“In some cases, they call them kitchen cabinet but this is not a kitchen cabinet. This is about some persons who have surrounded the President and are exercising power to their advantage and also manipulating power to their own interest.”

“I am of the firm belief that if he is aware of this he would have taken action. And if he is not aware of it, this has been brought to the fore and now he can take action. But if he says he will not take an action on this issue then it will definitely stain the integrity and reputation of government,” Senator Sani said.

He added, “The problem is not about the issue coming to the spotlight, it is whether an action will be taken on it or not. So, if the President refuses to act on it that is when he will be in every way criticized. But if he takes an action on it, it will show that the party and the government is in tune with the spirit of accountability and probity.”

He wants Buhari to act on it and prove he is in charge but if he fails to do so, the Senate would not allow the matter to be swept under the rug.

Senator Shehu Sani was a guest on Channels TV's Politics Today on Wednesday, October 4.